Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Le Petit Prince

Possibly everyone but me has already read this. To fully excuse myself, I have to say that I was intending to study French, so I was putting it off until I could actually read it in the original. But then that didn't pan out, and who knows if I'll ever be able to read that much French, so I'm reading it in English.

A pilot stranded in a desert in Africa looks up from mending his plane one day to see the little prince. The sole resident of Asteroid B-612, the little prince has left his tiny planet to explore. He asks the pilot to draw him a sheep--"Dessine-moi un mouton." The little prince sees the world differently from adults, and I think it's totally impossible to read this book without seeing from his point of view for a while.

I read this in my warm living room with the rain absolutely pouring outside, already in a certain odd mood, and it was the perfect moment for such a book. The Little Prince is a children's book which easily reminds adults of their childhood, whether or not they read this in childhood. It's lovely. There's nothing more to say about it.

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