Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nostalgia is a funny word

Something about sunny September afternoons makes me overwhelmingly nostalgic. I don't know why, exactly. I have much more to be nostalgic about in May and June, as those have always been my months for interesting happenings. There's something special about the light in September, though. It's bright but a bit chilly, and there's a certain brilliance to it. May light is softer and warmer, and less reserved to May.
I should be lying in the grass in a park in the Central District, or picking pears off the tree in the wonderfully chaotic Nova farm. Or collecting acorns somewhere. Part of it is the allure of back-to-school, but it's the September sunshine that makes me notice it. It was gloriously sunny last Monday, and wandering around the U District buying school supplies and questing for suspenders and running into lovely people I haven't seen for ages was tremendously pleasant and a little melancholy. I had to come home and stand around in my back yard listening to my favourite Beatles songs.
If nothing else, my autumn nostalgia has dispelled my summer mourning. And I'm super excited for classes to start again.

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