Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hemp braid

I used hemp cord as boning for a bodice and Renaissance corset a couple years ago, and I had some left over, so one day I started braiding it, with notions of making a belt. And then of course I never got around to the belt, and took a fancy to making necklaces out of it, and three necklaces later here we are. I can't possibly wear all these, though; I'm contemplating selling them or something.
hemp braid and copper charm necklaceThis necklace is a double strand of hemp braid and clock-themed copper charms.
hemp braid and gun metal necklaceThis necklace is pretty plain, just the braid and the gun metal wire clasp as decoration.
hemp braid, pearl, and ribbon necklace
Pearls and ribbon. A bit of an experiment, but I rather like it.

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