Sunday, September 5, 2010

Photos and Links

The recipe for these banana cookies is fabulous. I made them last Saturday and they turned out perfectly. Spongey and banana-y, and I added chocolate chips, too. For once my cookies came out looking just like the ones in the recipe's photo.

365 days of collections. I have so many collections that I don't really think of as collections, and I love random, mostly useless things like this, especially when they're old.

Christopher White's photography. All the food photos made me hungry, and the still life is lovely. It's all so fabulously colourful.

Fabulous handmade buttons. I've been meaning to make some clay buttons. These are lovely.

N.E.E.T. Magazine. It's free, it wastes no paper but it looks like a paper magazine, and it's pretty. It is, in fact, neat.

Black Tie Beach. Hilarious video, and a lot of the others are also great.

Lena Hoschek's fashion is exactly the style I would be wearing if I were less lazy.

New cover design for The Secret Garden, three dimensional and totally apt. Thanks to Nathalie Foy for the link.

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