Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Mrs. Gaskell!

I first discovered Elizabeth Gaskell via the miniseries adaptation of Wives and Daughters. Having now read Wives and Daughters, North and South, and Cranford, I think Elizabeth Gaskell stands as my favourite Victorian writer. There is some indefinable, wonderful quality about her writing. Her stories are told lovingly and humourously. Wives and Daughters, my first love, remains my favourite, though I think I'm nearly due for a reread--it's been four years since I read it. And I find on looking at my Elizabeth Gaskell tag, that I had just finished North and South when I first began this blog, over two years ago.

Today is Mrs. Gaskell's 200th birthday. To celebrate, I may have to venture into new territory and read one of her three novels or numerous shorter works that I have yet to encounter. Or perhaps a biography. The internet in general is celebrating with a blog tour. You can find an introduction to the tour over at Austenprose.

It's also my first day of classes. Wish me luck!

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hschinske said...

Jenny Uglow's biography of Gaskell is wonderful.(Pretty much anything by Jenny Uglow is wonderful.)


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