Thursday, September 16, 2010

Latest reading

Now the library is open again my books are beginning to arrive. I've been meaning to get back to Lord Peter Wimsey, and I apparently don't own The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, so here's a library copy. The Neil Gaiman isn't from the library, but I took a fancy to reading some more of his writing and my lovely friend Beverly brought me a copy of American Gods. I've already started that one, and find it a bit odd but intriguing.

I can't remember whose review I read of Frances Burney's Evelina, but it was obviously such a good review that I rushed to order the book immediately. I've started reading already, and I'm quite enjoying it. I've been meaning to read more classics and more from the 18th century, so this satisfies both. The epistolary form is also rather pleasant. Evelina was written in the 1770s, and I keep having to remind myself that they're all dressed for the 1770s and not the 1810s, so I can definitely see why people consider Frances Burney when talking about Jane Austen's influences. I know I ran across mentions of Frances Burney a lot while reading about Jane Austen. It certainly is good to remember there were other women writing during this era. This Oxford World's Classics edition is really lovely, and it has lots of notes, most of which actually are necessary, unlike some notes I've seen.

So that's what I'm up to, aside from cleaning and packing for school. You'll hear what I think of Miss Hargreaves next week.

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