Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't overlook Wodehouse

I was walking through the University Bookstore last week, and my eye was fully caught by a particular stack of books. Further inspection proved these to be lovely editions of P.G. Wodehouse by Overlook Press, which I like so much I just have to write about them.

I've not read a lot of Wodehouse. A couple of stand-alone novels and a smattering of Jeeves and Wooster. There are some writers who I read very slowly, no matter how much I like them, and Wodehouse is one of these writers, which sometimes discourages me from picking up his books. I must admit I like the stand-alone stories better than Jeeves and Wooster. It may be my dislike of first-person narration creeping in, but there it is. Hopefully some time in the not-too-distant future I'll read some more Wodehouse.
The Overlook Wodehouse is an enormous temptation to do this. Their website tells me that the series was launched at the 25th anniversary of P.G. Wodehouse's death. The covers are simple, attractive, and totally fitting.

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