Saturday, September 4, 2010


There were round cheeses
and green cheeses,
brown cheeses.
Ones with seeds in between cheeses.
There were new cheeses,
blue cheeses.
There were strong cheeses,
long cheeses.
There were cream cheeses,
and dream cheeses.
There were even the English stuffy cheeses.
There were the white feathered fluffy cheeses.
There were goat, cow and ewe cheeses;
There were old, very old and new cheeses,
Cheeses with soft rinds and hard rinds,
Cheeses with holes in the middle kinds,
Cheese that could be eaten by cats,
Cheese that could be nibbled by rats,
Some to be eaten with ladles,
Some to be given to babies in their cradles.
There were cheeses from the North.
There were cheeses from the South.
There were dozens of ones which
Melted in the Mouth.
There were cheeses which were abominably smelly,
Fromage de RĂ©gime, that is 'good for the belly.'
Cheeses some too good for mortals,
Cheeses to be taken to the portals of heaven
And offered to the gods.

- T.A. Layton

I've typed "cheeses" so many times I couldn't tell you how to spell it any more. I found this typed out on a slip of paper in my room, probably a relic from the year I made cheese for the science fair (which I won).

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