Wednesday, September 9, 2009

State of the union

I've managed to post every single day since the 7th of August, now exactly a month ago, which I am decidedly proud of, and it's been very nice to have so much time to read and blog. Going into the autumn, though, this may start to change. I'm planning to spend September organizing the Nova Project's drama department and hanging out there, even though I graduated. The idea of getting to be at school but never having to go to classes is entirely lovely, and I've been wanting to organize all the costumes and props for the last three years, but not had time because of classes. So it's an ideal situation. And then at the end of September I start college, and no doubt my posting at that point will become much less frequent. I'll try to keep it regular, though, and no doubt I'll be reading lots of interesting things and have them to talk about.

I've still got that huge pile of books to read, and it's gotten even bigger with more books I keep remembering I've been meaning to read, like The Forsyte Saga and That Hideous Strength, so far that I had to turn it into two piles. I am slowly but steadily working at The Worm Ouroboros and Brideshead Revisited, so keep a lookout for posts on those.

I haven't bought any books lately, having been of an odd mood that talks me out of buying anything. Funnily enough books are the one thing this mood least applies to, despite being of the least immediate use. My text file of books I want to find has gotten considerably longer lately, though, what with finally catching up on all the book blogs I read, so there are some things I'm definitely on the lookout for used copies of. And Connie Willis is starting to look appealing again, after To Say Nothing of the Dog and The Doomsday Book last year.

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