Saturday, September 19, 2009

A bit of good luck

Apparently, I have fabulous luck in choosing my classes. I have an English composition requirement I have to get out of the way, so I thought I'd take Writing in comparative literature because that looked the most interesting and meant I could read some of it in French if I wanted. It's the last of my classes to have the textbooks listed, but now it does and I've got an email about it. Apparently the theme of this class for this quarter is 20th century experimental drama, so all the reading is plays. Arthur Miller, Jean Genet, Bertolt Brecht, Harold Pinter, Thornton Wilder, Samuel Beckett, etc. I love reading plays and like an excuse to do so, and I meant to take a drama class this quarter but didn't/couldn't. And I had no idea what we were reading.

The only one of the plays I'm familiar with is The Skin of Our Teeth, by Thornton Wilder, which I saw a friend's school do once. I've heard of nearly all the other playwrights. And now I also know what the first book I'll have to have read is, so if the bookstore gets it in soon maybe I'll be able to read that ahead of time. I'm officially very excited for all my classes, and for all the reading I'll be doing.

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