Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paper vs. pixels

There's an interesting New York Times article I came by the other day, about the evolution of publishing since the 1970s. I thought I'd draw your attention to it, and also muse a little on the dilemma it brings up for me. I have such an instinctive love of the way things used to be done, paper, typewriters, the sort of messy and physical way so many things used to be done, such as Joni Evans talks about in that article. I also in many ways love what the internet has done to publishing and to the dissemination of books and the possibilities for discussion of them. These two things never seemed like they were so in conflict until I read this article, and that conflict makes me a little uncomfortable.

Regardless of this musing, I really don't believe that paper is going to die out completely. Humans are too tactile to rely solely on pixels.

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