Monday, September 14, 2009

The failure of technology

Well, the past week was already horrible on two counts, so why not add computer trouble to the mix and make it three? Yesterday afternoon my screen stopped working. You can still sort of see what's on it, but it's extremely dark and not really at all useful for doing anything except possibly playing music. So that will have to be fixed. At the moment I'm using my mother's computer, which is very strange, and I'm constantly remembering things I have saved on my computer that I need. This is really a very good reminder that I should back up my files.

It's bad timing in more ways than one--I start college in a week and a half! I only realized how soon it is a couple days ago, and was completely shocked. Somehow I thought I had at least two or three weeks left.

I still haven't been reading much. I spent most of yesterday making quantities of earrings, which I may at some point post photos of as I'm rather proud of them. Last night I did happen to read a New Yorker article about Edith Wharton, mostly concerned with her childhood and young adulthood and the German governess she had. It was an interesting article. I read The House of Mirth and The Age of Innocence one after the other four years ago. They're both very good, though I greatly preferred The Age of Innocence. I wouldn't mind reading it again; it has some vastly lovely passages, those descriptions of an emotion that ought to be vague and nebulous and indescribable, but which Edith Wharton has miraculously managed to capture and evoke. I found The House of Mirth far less memorable, so it's funny that I read that one first and still went on to read the other. I've never read any of her other works, though I seem to have wound up reading rather a lot about her life, without quite meaning to. Some day I should sit down with a proper biography.

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