Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rainy days

Yesterday I went to the fabric store because I need a new duvet cover, and of course came away not only with fabric for that but also some soft pale green plaid cotton flannel which I had to have, and a skirt pattern. Today's weather is forecast to be grey and rainy, and maybe thunderstorms too, so it seems like the perfect day to sew. And I've never had to match plaid before, so that ought to be an exciting venture.

There's something inexpressibly pleasant about a rainy day spent indoors sewing, and maybe I'll get some reading done too, while I'm at it. It wouldn't be bad weather for Brideshead Revisited either, which I've started over and have some musings about already.

Look out for photos of the finished skirt at some point, but I make no promises as to the timeliness of this.

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