Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some links again

Maybe this is going to become a Saturday thing, who knows. This time two of them are even bookish.

First, The Book that Contains all Books, an article on how the Kindle has just become the first e-reader available globally. I don't know how I feel about the Kindle, really, but I do like what this article says.

Hats by Behida. I want to win the lottery just for these hats. I also want to have the kind of head that can really pull off cloches well, but ah, such is life. I can only ogle. And plot to take a hatmaking class.

Books By the Yard from Half Price Books. This is befuddling, isn't it?

"Break Downs" and "Blow Ups" 1936-1947
. Blooper reels of old movies, essentially. I haven't actually watched much of this, because I haven't seen enough old movies to recognize actors and find this funny except in that bloopers are generally funny. But if you are familiar with old movies, this should be great. I'm told there are some pretty famous people in there.

Have fun with these! Also, Happy Halloween!

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