Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New books

Let the cries of, "Oh no, not more books!" ring out. At the very least I get the knowledge that I didn't succumb to the book-buying urges myself; my father bought them. It's the two NYRBs that I'm most interested in. I've heard of neither of them, but both sound fascinating. Herself Surprised by Joyce Cary and Indian Summer by William Dean Howells. The first of these is described as the story of a "latter-day Moll Flanders" and the second as a romantic comedy of errors. I'm also looking forwards to a wander through Word Fugitives by Barbara Wallraff, which seems to be basically a collection of newly coined words for all the things you ever thought there should be one concise word for.

I don't know how I didn't already own Book Lust. I listen to Nancy Pearl on the radio all the time, and my father has met and spoken with her. I have basically no interest in The Rope Eater, by Ben Jones, but it wasn't bought for me so small matter. It's about Civil War-era Arctic exploration, two themes in which I am profoundly uninterested. Poisoned Pens, by Gary Dexter, is a collection of famous author's writings on other famous authors whose books they hate. I'd never be able to read all of this, as it would make me too sad to read anything hateful against my favourite authors, but some of it might be fun. And Women in Antiquity, by Charles Seltman, is pretty self-explanatory non-fiction.

As I've finally got down to the last of the imminent library books, it'll be nice to have these to look into next.

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Thomas at My Porch said...

I can't believe you didn't own Book Lust either. I love that book. It has opened up whole new worlds of reading for me.


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