Monday, August 23, 2010

More fashion from LIFE, 1946

Here's the second half of the fashion photos from the 1946 LIFE magazine. These hats are glorious. If you click on the photos you can probably read some of the captions."On 'New England Street,' one of 20th Century-Fox's permanent sets in Hollywood, models pose in the newest churchgoing fashions for spring."
"NEW SLEEVES can be identified by how they are cut at the shoulder and by their fullness. Sleeve at left, on a Trigere coat, is not attached in usual manner at shoulder but has an unbroken side seam. Sleeve at right, on a Maurice Rentner coat, has the fullness gathered onto a round disk. Scene is a chapel on the 20th Century-Fox lot."
"Suits and blouses are made to complement each other this season. Many suit designers, realizing that a suit can be made or marred by its blouse, are now designing their own blouses. Even when a woman clings to the classic custom of not removing her jacket, enough of her blouse is visible (as above) to warrant special attention."
"WITHOUT JACKETS, blouses worn with suits (above) become all-important. Tally-ho print at left is a Maurice Rentner design made for his green suit. Medallion print in center is used for blouse and lining of gray flannel suit by Jo Copeland. The full-sleeved blouse at right designed by Dorine Liebert is made of a pure-silk print."

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