Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fashion from LIFE, 1946

Last March I bought a copy of LIFE magazine from April, 1946, which I posted an article from at the time. There's a lot of other fun stuff in there, though, so now I've finally got around to uploading images of their fashion article, which is what's advertised on the cover. "DOUBLE-BREASTED COAT from Monte-Sano is made of soft wool in a light sepia color. Shoulder is round; sleeves are full but pulled in at the wrist. FINGER-TIP COAT from Anthony Blotta is so called because it is as long as the wearer's extended arm. This is made of a gray-beige 'pussy-willow' gabardine. Hood is detachable.""Light spring shades range from pastels to copper. Suits above are from Maurice Rentner (left), Samuel Chapman (center) and Fox-Brownie."I want this suit so bad."FOR CHURCH ON SUNDAYS when little girls are on their best behavior and want most to act and look like their mothers, Sally Victor has designed identical bonnets of plaid gingham. It takes special skill not to make mother look childish or the child adult. The picture was taken in St Thomas Episcopal Church in Hollywood."

I have a few more, but I'll leave you with these for now.


Anonymous said...

Do you know the work of Anne Taintor? Retro images with feminist twist. I love her image of a woman at the fridge, smiling, with the caption, "Make your own damn dinner."

Anna said...

I've definitely seen her stuff around, though somehow it's never appealed to me very much. Doesn't quite match my sense of humour, or something. I like the concept a lot, though.


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