Saturday, October 2, 2010

New classes

I've now had at least one meeting of all of my classes for this quarter. I'm clearly going to be doing a lot of reading and writing.

German 201 is nothing unexpected, but I'm super excited to be learning more things and getting more fluent.

History of Science and Religion promises to be reasonably fascinating. The class is organized chronologically both around the period of scientific history in question and the 20th century study of that period. There's a certain amount of circularity in this, which I like. And I'll be writing a 5 page paper every single week until the end of the quarter, so by the end I really ought to be able to knock out an essay no problem.

"Ways of Meaning," my class about language and culture and other linguisticky goodness, looks thoroughly fabulous. It's exactly what I wanted Into to Linguistics to be. Less of the phonetics and morphology, more of the sociolinguistics and somewhat fuzzy semantics and pragmatics.

And my mythology and fairytales seminar looks to be pretty interesting as well. At the moment we're reading creation myths.

So out of four classes, not one is a dud, which is quite a success, especially since a lot of my friends seem to be having an off quarter in terms of interesting classes. And I'm going to be doing a lot of fascinating reading.

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