Sunday, October 10, 2010


Vivian Maier. Chicago street photography. The information on the sidebar is really interesting; you should read it.

Starbucks in Washington, DC has gender-neutral restrooms. Go Starbucks!

Restless General Store on Etsy. I always feel weird linking any place that sells things, because I know the chances of me buying things from them are very very small, and I feel like an advertisement, which bothers me. So if I do link a shop, it's because I think it's got great photography, or interesting wares, or a good idea

European Beard and Moustache Championship.

You are what you speak. A super interesting article from the New York Times Magazine about whether language shapes how we think.

Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow visits London primary school to help kids mutiny.

A fabulous spin on post-it notes.

Microwave lime cheesecake. As, living in a dorm, all I have is a microwave, this is very tempting.

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