Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Ephemera #16

Oh right, it's Friday. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, then...Having clicked through several pages of pumpkin pies on Google images, I'm now really looking forward to next week and the prospect of pumpkin pie. Or maybe pumpkin cheesecake. I did have pumpkin pancakes for breakfast this morning (breakfast on occasion turns out to be one of the few perks of dorm food), but they didn't taste all that pumpkiny. Have I said the word "pumpkin" enough times yet?

It seems I've been pretty busy this week, though I'm not sure what with exactly. I can only tell because I've done hardly any reading that wasn't for class and I'm way behind on my blog-reading. I did come home today to find something exciting in the mail, but you'll have to wait to hear about that until Monday. Have a good weekend!

Turkeyish pumpkin pie found here.

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