Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I've never done a reading challenge, though there are lots to choose from floating around the internet, and sometimes they appeal to me, but there's one I'm actually thinking about doing in 2010. The Bibliophilic Books Challenge involves reading three, six, or twelve books about books and reading, fiction or not, during 2010. I absolutely love reading bookish books, so I imagine it will be entirely possible to complete this challenge. I'll aim for the lowest level, reading only three books, but if I read more so much the better.

The only book I have specifically in mind is Howards End is on the Landing, by Susan Hill. I'm sure everyone's already heard about this book, but if you haven't: it's nonfiction, about the author's decision to spend a year reading only the books already in her house. Otherwise, the field's wide open; I could read any number of things. I wouldn't be surprised if I read a novel about books without even thinking to apply it to the challenge.

Has anyone read any good bookish books they'd like to recommend? I don't have any particular ideas, so I'd better start compiling a list.


Anonymous said...

Well, "The Shadow of the Wind" is about books, and you said you've been meaning to read that one.
If I weren't in Ashland, I'd lend it to you. (Guess who this is, by the way)

Rose City Reader said...

I joined the Bibliophilic Books challenge too. I am excited about it. Here is my sign up post and list of book -- maybe it will give you some ideas.

The Susan Hill book sounds great. I'll look for it.

Happy reading!


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