Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something fun to read

I thought I'd direct your attention here. It's the Guardian's series of portraits (both photographic and written) of the spaces in which writers write. Most of the recent ones are writers I've never heard of, though going back further (there are several pages of these), we have Sebastian Barry (who I've heard of, but not read), Sebastian Faulks (who I've tried to read but not got around to actually reading), Elizabeth Jane Howard (reading her right now), Seamus Heaney, Claire Tomalin, JG Ballard, and lots of others. There's also a few of people such as Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Virginia Woolf, not, obviously, written by their subjects, as the others are. It's fascinating to have the writers' rooms explained, why they are as they are, the significance of various objects, what books they have, and they're all good writers, so they describe these things well. I often find myself lusting after such rooms as these. It would be lovely to have a place specially reserved for writing, although mine would definitely not involve a desk. Probably just a nice squashy sofa.

I would post a picture of where I'm currently writing, but it's rather a mess, clothes everywhere.

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