Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ok, I lied, I do read mysteries

Having finished Bloodhound, I only now realize it's really a mystery novel, after saying I haven't read any in years. Yes, it's also young adult fantasy, and that's what Tamora Pierce is known for writing, so it doesn't immediately occur to you to look past that. But the characters are all police or criminals or ordinary people somewhere in between, and there is certainly a mystery to be solved. Of course, the mystery is not a classic murder mystery, it's not really concerned with the inner workings of the criminals, and it is very far reaching in terms of place and repercussions. It's a disguised mystery, but it is one.

Bloodhound is the sequel to Terrier, and I have to confess I barely remember what happened in that one, but this, I suspect, will be somewhat more memorable. Beka Cooper is now a first-year Dog (or member of the Provost's Guard), with many of the same friends she had in the last book, like Pounce the magical cat-sometimes-constellation (who will be a bit familiar to long-time Tamora Pierce fans), and a few new ones as well. She's grown up a bit, and I suspect the book has too. It's still written as Beka's diary, though I think I liked the style better this time. I definitely liked the detail of the police work.

I have to admit I think I may have finally gotten too old for Tamora Pierce's books. They're hardly children's books, these days, I don't recall that there used to be so much sex in them (not graphic, of course), but the standard of writing in my usual reading has gotten higher. I'm sure I'll go on reading them, though, as they're still really good stories, and one can always reading a good story without having to be too critical of it.

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