Monday, February 1, 2010

Couth Buzzard: Version Two

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post about Couth Buzzard, the bookshop in my neighbourhood that was going out of business. It was a place I'd spent my childhood in, dusty, with stacks and boxes of books all over the floor; they had a canary when I was little. I was sad to see them go.

However, not that long ago a sign went up in the empty store front just around the corner from my house. Yes, Couth Buzzard is back. Not only back, but back and better than ever. Though not as charmingly haphazard and dusty as it used to be, it's better organized and the selection is better. They've got better lighting, and a little cafe sort of thing, replacing, I suppose, the bakery that used to be a couple doors down from the old location. Wednesday night is an open mic, Thursday is game night. You can walk buy at any time of the day and see people in there, now; it's cheerful and comfortable. And, a plus for me, they're honoring the old credit accounts, still in the same old binder on rather faded yellow paper.

I wasn't really intending to buy anything when I went in, but I did find another Barbara Pym novel (one I've been looking for specifically, though I don't remember why), No Fond Return of Love. And I got it for less than two dollars, too (that with my credit, which pays for half). So I'm thoroughly pleased with this turn of events, and so glad to see one of my favourite bookstores back in business.

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