Saturday, August 2, 2008

Couth Buzzard

Well, as the much-loved Couth Buzzard Used Book shop up the street is going out of business and has things on sale, I have plans today of taking a trip up there and seeing what's for sale. We've had trade there for years, and are slowly pecking away at it (there was more than 100 dollars there to begin with, now I think we're down to about 40), although I don't think we'll have got through it all by the time they close. It's a bookshop I spent my childhood in, and slowly I have progressed from the children's book section through the fantasy section, onto the classics, poetry, litcrit, and fiction sections. They used to have a pet canary. I'm very sad they're leaving.

Anyway, I intend to write up my To Read list and take that up there, although it's the sort of bookstore that's better for unexpected gems than for specific goals.

I shall post a record of my purchases when I return.

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