Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reading in the New Year

I'm not really the sort for New Year's resolutions, but I am thinking about what I'm going to read in 2011, on this, its inaugural day.

My reading over the last year has been kind of haphazard. I've been reading books I know will keep my attention through my busy class schedule, because I was feeling like I'd stopped reading books purely for fun. I think the balance got a little skewed, though. I used to read classics because I felt like I should, because they might teach me something. I haven't done that much this year, and I think I've forgotten that classics are often classic because they are good. In 2011, I want to read a bunch of classics. I might use the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list as a starting point, not so much because I like the list as because it's got a fun checklist .pdf, and I love a checklist.

I've been in a very thinky mood, lately. I've been rereading old Copperbadge (Sam Starbuck) entries, which always puts me in the mood for study. I want to Be Scholarly about unexpected topics, and I'd like to do some reading in that vein.  And finish reading Invisible Cities.

2011 beckons. I'm about to start classes I'm super excited about, probably learning super interesting things (one can only hope). Other exciting plans are in the works. Here's hoping all goes as planned, except for good surprises. We like those.

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