Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reading report

I've been reading a rather odd assortment of books lately. Before I got sidetracked by Emma I had started The Post-Office Girl, by Stefan Zweig, which I know I read a glowing review of somewhere. I have to agree with whatever it was that review said, but I'll say more once I've finished the book. I also just started rereading Pride and Prejudice, so as to compare it with Emma. Yesterday I was reading these back and forth, a few chapters of one then a few chapters of the other. They have nothing in common, really, but it was a rather pleasant contrast. And both books, though very different, are very well-suited to a hot summer afternoon.

I'm also reading the Odyssey, in fits and starts, and last week I pulled out my copy of Virginia Woolf's letters, and I've read some of those as well. I've done very little but read and sew in the last few days, which I must say is very pleasant. Look out for a report on my sewing in the near future.

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