Saturday, November 15, 2008

All for one...

And one for all... Last Sunday I saw The Three Musketeers at Seattle Repertory Theatre. I enjoyed it immensely. For some reason I often find myself when seeing productions by the bigger theatres (the Rep, the Opera, etc.) really disliking at least one facet of the show. Whether it be the costumes, the lighting, the set, or something else (though usually, I admit, not the acting), one thing bugs me. This does not often happen, however, with the smaller shows. This time around, though, I liked pretty much everything. I loved the costumes (one of my common complaints about costumes is that they have no real theme that makes sense for the play, but that was not the case this time), the lighting, the sound, and the set (which made me kind of jealous, I must admit), and the acting all except for the random little sister Sabine to D'Artagnan, who was kind of pointless and chirpy. All in all it was a rollicking sort of play, and it was able to hold my attention entirely for the entire two hours, which is unusual as I tend to get antsy in theatres.

I love that I've now seen enough plays to begin seeing actors more than once and recognizing them. Shawn Law, who I saw as Hamlet last summer, was Rochefort, Cardinal Richelieu's rather bumbling sidekick, and a woman whose name I don't remember, who I saw a year ago in Twelfth Night (also by Seattle Rep), was Milady, the rather evil minion of Richelieu.

I have never read The Three Musketeers. I've read The Count of Monte Cristo, and it's one of my favourite books, but for some reason The Three Musketeers never quite appealed as much. I suppose I'll get around to reading it eventually. Maybe some day I'll read it in French.

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